EXPRESS polyester fabric wristband

bracelet tissu express livraison rapide
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Customised event wristband in high-quality express polyester fabric

Event wristbands are not just accessories to offer to guests and participants of an event, they are real gems used to identify these people for better organisation and to more easily prevent fraud. Do you want a model that's high quality, highly durable, attractive and comfortable? Opt for this customisable express polyester fabric wristband.

A polyester express identification wristband that will be your new favourite

During a congress, a seminar, an exhibition, a festival, or a concert, a night-club or other evening, having the guests or participants wear wristbands can be very useful, as it allows you to identify them at a glance. You will be able to identify them and prevent fraud at the same time. Europaband, your customised event wristband specialist, offers this express production model made of high quality polyester fabric. It is a customised advertising wristband that combines style, comfort and practicality. For fastening, you can choose to simply tie the cord, add a classic plastic fastening ring or a reusable metal ring. It all depends on your preferences because in any case, your express polyester identification wristband will be easy to slip on and off, while being durable and adhering nicely to the wrist.

An express advertising wristband for customisation

The choice of the colour for your wristband is completely up to you. Europaband offers a wide range of colours to give you a wider choice. As already mentioned above, you also have the possibility of choosing the type of fastening that suits you, knot or with fastening ring. And most importantly, you have the opportunity to customise this wristband with your logo, the name of your company or a short text of your choice. It is true that, as its name suggests, an identification wristband is used to identify people in the context of any kind of event. But your event wristband specialist offers you here a reusable high quality model that can even be worn afterwards. Clearly, there is a chance that the recipients will keep it for a long time as a souvenir or a fashion accessory, making it an effective advertising goody. So add your logo or the name of your brand and that's all there is to it!

An inexpensive customised event wristband

This model in polyester fabric is attractive, elegant, robust, flexible, practical, comfortable and anything you could want. But it has another key advantage that is sure to be of interest to you. This is its low price. Sold in packs of 100 copies, this premium quality customised advertising wristband is also affordable. This makes it a great option for any company, organisation or individual planning to organise a special event Give your guests or participants the most beautiful gifts by choosing this express customised wristband, a gift that will also allow better organisation.

When choosing a fabric wristband, it will be up to you to decide which colour you like the most. The website puts a wide range of colours at your disposal. Even with regard to the fastening system, the choice is entirely yours. You can choose between knots or fastening rings. It can also be customised as you wish.

In addition, this customisable fabric wristband has the advantage of selling at very affordable prices. For 50 copies, the unit is billed at €1.60. In addition, the manufacturing time of your fabric event wristband has been considerably reduced; now it is only 2 days.

* Indicative delivery times in working days once your model has been approved.

  • bracelet tissu express livraison rapide
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