Customising your wristband online has never been easier!

- First of all, you have to choose the desired model among our range of customisable wristbands.

A wide range of silicone wristbands for adults and children are available for you to choose from, as well as sequined or holographic wristbands for a guaranteed celebratory effect, or Tyvek tear-resistant paper and fabric wristbands.

- Then you must choose the colour and the amount of wristbands desired.

Depending on the chosen product, we offer up to 16 standard colours or you can choose your own Pantone® colour. Our wristbands are available from 100 copies or 500 copies depending on the model and increments of 100 or 500 additional wristbands. The price of your order is automatically calculated based on the number of copies selected.

- Finally, you must create your message on your wristband.

First method: Write your text directly in the appropriate field, you can choose between different fonts, from the most serious to the celebratory, you can also change the position of the text, its size, put it in bold, italic or underlined as with any other classic text editor
Second method: If you have already created your visual or logo, send it to us via the appropriate form or by email to Make sure it is a 300 dpi high definition file (.ai, .eps, .psd, .pdf, .jpg or .png).