Wristbands for swimming pools and amusement parks

Managing a swimming pool or an amusement park requires controlling access to pools and attractions, while ensuring that visitors enjoy a good time. The wearing ofidentification accessories is essential in this kind of place: it is about safety for everyone, but also the good management of locker rooms and facilities.

With our wristbands for swimming pools, water parks and amusement parks, you will be able to successfully fulfil all these objectives with style! We offer accessories in Tyvek, vinyl and silicone, which will ensure full control over your entries and prevent visitors and other swimmers from experiencing allergies and skin reactions.

After their visit, they can even carry their wristband with them and keep it in memory of their visit. A great way to convince them to come back as soon as possible for another positive experience!

Our products offer you real customisability, allowing you to advertise your park by printing its logo. By wearing it proudly on their wrist, your visitors will spread your name and attract more customers. The practical aspect has not been neglected, along with the water resistance and durability of our models. So wait no longer, and consult our catalogue of wristbands.

Tyvek wristbands
Vinyl wristbands
Silicone wristbands