Wristbands for campsites, hotels and holiday clubs

Discover our wide range of camping wristbands, the ideal aid to facilitate the identification of your customers throughout your period of activity. These accessories designed specifically to meet your needs will allow you to optimise and facilitate all the organisation requirements of your tourist establishment.

Are you the manager of a campsite, a hotel or a holiday club? Test the effectiveness of our aids to maximise customer satisfaction while enjoying simplified logistics.

Thanks to our camping wristbands, you can at a glance or with the help of more sophisticated technologies (flash code, barcode, RFID chip, etc.) easily manage the input and output flows of your establishment.

These aids allow your holidaymakers to approach their stay in your establishment with greater peace of mind. As soon as tourists arrive at your facility, simply give them these accessories to make their identification easier.

After that they will be able to organise their trip without complications. An effective solution to lighten the load of checks at the entrance of your campsite, hotel or holiday club. A sometimes complex mission during the high season, when there is a heavy influx of tourists.

Our wristband models in Tyvek, fabric, vinyl or silicone are ideal for this type of use. Don't hesitate to contact our teams for more information about our products.

Tyvek wristbands
Vinyl wristbands
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