Wristbands for parties and night clubs

Are you the manager of a club and organise private parties with limited entries? Each party wristband of our selection will help you to filter entries and to distinguish the participants from those who are not invited! 

Create your own colour code for our fabric, vinyl, Tyvek or synthetic wristbands, and only allow legitimate participants to enter. You can even reserve areas of your club to certain groups according to the model on their wrist, and separate your customers.

For their part, clubbers will be proud to have participated in your select event and will proudly wear their party wristband on their arm the day afterwards.

And as our articles offer you a real customisation capacity, you will be able to decorate them with the logo, the brand or the name of your nightclub. This is the opportunity for you to very simply convey the image and the prestige of your club everywhere your customers go.

Something that will get people talking about you and attract more and more partygoers looking for a crazy atmosphere in a classy and distinguished establishment! Wait no longer and browse our vast catalogue of synthetic wristbands, in Tyvek, in vinyl or in fabric.

Wristbands in fabric Wristbands in vinyl

Wristbands in Tyvek

Wristbands in synthetic fibres