Wristbands for festivals and concerts

For festivals, the wristband remains one of the simplest and most economical means of control, which is why it is currently chosen by the vast majority of organisers. But besides this practical aspect, it is also an accessory to which festival-goers are attached and as long as some famous artists perform in concert during your event, it is also a great communication tool!

For the public, this is a way to show everyone that they were there and that they saw the artists they love. Concert wristbands are sometimes worn proudly by festival-goers from one year to the next, helping to improve the visibility of your activity.

Make your customers happy by choosing vip®-wristband products ! Each of our articles will meet your expectations. Whether you choose from a range of accessories in Tyvek, in vinyl, in synthetic fibre or in fabric, they can fulfil this dual function.

Remember that all of our products have the following features:

FReliable, water-resistant and durable.
• Environmentally-friendly.
• Completely customisable.
• Suitable for all musical events, over a period of several days or an evening.

Whatever the nature of your musical gathering, you will be sure to find the right product for your needs and expectations in our catalogue. So wait no longer and browse our product pages.

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