Event wristbands: Discover our wide selection!

As a professional, the events that punctuate the life of your company are not lacking. To monitor your participants and provide them with a positive memory of their visit, event wristbands are the ideal solution.

Differentiate different activities and exits:

Do you conduct your business in the field of music? For all your concerts, festivals and musical events, offer participants a customised wristband to mark their participation in these events.

The same is true if you work in the nightclub world. It's a good way to filter admissions at a club party, nightclub or private party. Do you manage a hotel, a club or a campsite ? Then you've found the accessory that will give your customers a sense of belonging! They will keep an excellent souvenir of their stay in your establishment, and will undoubtedly return there.

If you are an association responsible for the organisation of sports events such as marathons, you are free to register the run time of the runners on our wristbands. And for aquatic environments, such as swimming pools or triathlon events, many of our items are waterproof and water resistant !

Event wristbands for corporate gatherings:

Professional circles also have their share of gatherings and special occasions. Are you organising a seminar for team-building, to instill a sense of cohesion within your workforce? 

With our articles, you can assign places to them and associate them with specific activities or workshops, for example by defining a colour code. The same goes for all congresses or conferences your employees will attend.

Don't hesitate to discover our articles by browsing our catalogue, and make your choice among our wide selection!

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