Wristbands for seminars and professional conferences

Take advantage of our wide range of seminar wristbands and wristbands for professional conferences. Our accessories perfectly respond to the requirements of your event.

In addition to their technical characteristics, these models present aesthetic and comfort criteria that convince their users to keep them after the event. A point that ensures enhanced visibility for your brand.

In Tyvek, vinyl, fabric, etc. All our items have the characteristic of being 100% customisable, an optional service that attracts many associations and companies to use our services.

By customising our models, you can truly benefit from additional communication support for your brand. Ideal for making the most of high attendance during a professional event such as an exhibition or trade fair and highlighting your organisation.

These accessories can be designed in the colours of the targeted event, while adding your logos, company name and address of your website for example. Your seminar wristband will become a real promotion aid for your organisation.

A judicious and effective way to take advantage of the large crowds attending this type of event to highlight your company via this communication device.

Do you want to design a convention wristband with the colours of your company? Contact us for any quote request.

Wristbands in Tyvek
Wristbands in vinyl
Wristbands in fabric